You want to travel the world, but you also want to keep an income. Then why don’t you work on the road? One day you tap an email from Miami Beach, while a few weeks later you work on an assignment between the locals in an Italian coffee shop. Sounds good, but how do you approach external work? Here are a few things to consider first.

Equipment and internet

The first condition for working remote is of course that you must have a good laptop and access to WiFi everywhere. Remote Jobs are ideal for editors, market developers, copywriters, online marketeers & software developers. Thanks to digitization, the list of portable professions is longer.

Good condition

Is remote working really something for you? It sounds very cool to travel around the world, but you have to be fit for it. You definitely must be disciplined and able to motivate yourself. It’s not only travelling, you have to work, too.

Sufficient income

Before you leave, it is useful to insure you of income, because without money Australia, the Dominican Republic and Thailand are a lot less pleasant, I can assure you. Working remotely does not necessarily have to be full coverage. You may agree with your employer that you will work remotely for a period of 3 or 6 months, after which you simply return to the office.

Do you want to take a more drastic approach? Then look carefully for customers who provide you with your foreign adventure before you leave. A buffer in your bank account can also be fun. Check in advance how expensive life is at your destination(s) so that you know how much money you need.

Plan your journey

Keep in mind that you get tired from traveling. It is not advisable to travel a lot in a very short time. Instead of that, make sure that you are in one place for a few weeks. As a remote worker you need more time to discover a place, because you spend a large part of your time working. It can be very stressful if you have to combine all that in a few days. Another advantage of traveling slowly is that you become more immersed in local life.

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