You just started working remotely, or you are allowed to work from home one or a few days each week. Sounds good. But sometimes remote work makes it harder to be productive. Why? Because in between work you can do the dishes, take your children to school or visit beautiful places. Lots of distractions and flexibility. How do you deal with this? We give some tips.

Create a good workspace at home

If you work from home, make an inspiring workplace or little office for yourself. In case you are travelling, find a good place to work like a coffeeshop or nomad hub. If you take a break, leave the room you are working in, so it’s really only your ‘workspace’. Also ensure that there are as few distractions as possible in this room so you stay productive.

Invest in devices, tools and work material for your remote job

Nothing is more annoying than a laptop that crashes or has to do updates before you can use it. Therefore, make sure not only that you use good devices, but also that you regularly update updates before you start working. And not unimportantly: make sure that you back up everything. You can use tools like Dropbox, Icloud or Google Drive for that, so you never lose a single thing.

Work with a schedule

Even though it is great that you can work flexibly, it can actually work against you.
As a result of all this flexibility, you sometimes only work even more and you may not be able to let go of your work easily. That’s why it’s recommendable to make a schedule for your work. You can determine for yourself what works best, a schedule for a week, day or even hour. Also take breaks into account in your schedule.

Use your most productive hours effectively

Determine for yourself which moment of the day you are the most productive and use this wisely for your remote job. You can also include this in your schedule. At these moments you can work the hardest, and so you get a lot done.

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