When you are looking to make the move to remotely data entry or customer service work, you not only need to adjust your way of working but also your resume. With the rise in competition in remote jobs, it’s not enough anymore to just send your normal resume. You need to show that you have what it takes to work remotely. In this blog you will find out how to best update your resume for applying for remote jobs.

Add important remote working skills

The most important aspect that you need to change in your resume for remote jobs is your skill set. Important skills for customer service or data entry work are time management, self-motivation and (digital) communication. Make sure that you include all the skills that make you an effective remote employee. When you are writing a cover letter for your resume, you should refer to those skills to make sure they are not overlooked.

State experience that you already have

Even if you have never worked in data entry or customer service, you can have experience in working from a distance. For example, if you have done conference calls or are good at time management, these are perfect skills to highlight in your application. Another piece of advice for starting your experience and skills: put the most recent information on top, because this way your employer sees your most relevant information first.

Place your resume online

It could be you looking for a remote job, but it can also be that a company is looking for you as remote talent. By placing your resume online you make sure that future employers can find you and know what skills you have. You never know what you can get out of it!

Get hired for your data entry or customer service job

Did you just update your resume to the standards mentioned above? Now it’s time to see how it helps you in your application. Find a remote job in one of the many vacancies in our database and you will see that you are picked for an interview faster than the rest because you changed your mindset to remote jobs.

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