ChartMogul helps hundreds of subscription businesses extract value from their data; from large SaaS and media businesses to niche monthly gift box companies. With our all-in-one approach to analytics, teams don’t need to worry about provisioning data warehousing, and can instead focus on what matters, tracking metrics and getting insights from their data.

ChartMogul is built by an international team hailing from fifteen different countries. You’ll find most of us at our headquarters in Berlin, but around a third of the team works remotely from different parts of the world.

About your role 
As our Illustrator, you will create fresh, on-brand, material for our blog. We expect you to always be on the lookout for inspiration and we encourage you to experiment with different approaches and concepts. As such, we want you to help strengthen ChartMogul’s design identity by producing visually compelling illustrations that cohere with our content, style, and readership.

You’ll be joining on a part-time basis without set hours, so the role offers a lot of flexibility and is suited to freelancers, students, or hobbyists who just love drawing :).

What will you be doing? 

  • Owning the creative process for all  illustrations on our blog
  • Developing new visuals for our existing blog content and all our new stuff
  • Contributing the ChartMogul’s design identity by producing visually stimulating, on-brand, and on-topic drawings
  • Supplying ideas related to improving the blog’s visuals
  • Working closely with our Marketing and Creative Units

What is it like to work at ChartMogul?

  • You’ll join the adventures of an early days company and learn what it means to have a job that is incredible meaning- and impactful.
  • We like to have fun so you can find us in the conference room playing video games or going out for team lunches
  • You’ll receive a great rate (market or upmarket).
  • We offer snacks & drinks in the office (if you happen to be around) and a lounge area.

You will have: 

  • A passion for design and a keenness to develop engaging visuals
  • A knack for working in a fast-paced environment--sometimes deadlines change so would love it if you know how to switch up the pace
  • A wandering eye. You keep up with industry developments and different design trends and technologies
  • Strong interpersonal skills. We’re people people and our work is collaborative because we find it makes for better results
  • And a positive attitude and an openness to feedback

How to Apply?

Plot twist: We don’t care where you’ve worked as an Illustrator or if you’ve worked as an Illustrator for that matter. We care about the final product. With that in mind, we won’t be asking you to submit a CV or a link to your portfolio just yet. 

To apply, please have a look at the following instructions:

  1. Check out this blog post:
  2. Draw a header (dimensions: 3000 X 1250px)
  3. Watermark your header 
  4. Submit it when applying as you would a CV :)